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He shot rope after rope of cum down my throat, I swallowed every drop, I would not waste such a good load of cum. His body was pumping my mouth, he wa...ted to fill me full of his glorious seed, once his body stopped, he fell back, he was spent, his balls drained his energy gone. He looked me in the eyes, “That is not what I expected, most guys want their cocks sucked, they don't do the sucking.” “I like to surprise a guy, and I like to suck a nice cock.” “Your a dam good cocksucker that is for. On 21th june i finally arived in Marseille. I went straigh to the hotel, because i was sleepy so that would be all about my first night in France. The next morning i ate some cheese for breakfest (it was delicious) and after that i went to the beach. The beach was huge, with plenty of good-looking girls and Milfs, and the water was ok. After i played some volleyball with some girls, it was already 01:00 Pm so i told them:"Girls, sorry i cant stay anymore, im starving but maybe we will meet. .the boy who had manipulated my son into being gay coming to my house. I opened the door. "Hey Mr. Thompson." He said before I could say anything, a smug smile across his face. "I'm just going to grab a few of Sean's things if that's cool." He said as he stepped closer. I swallowed my rage and let him go past. I watched him as he walked up the stairs. I admit now to staring at his ass as he went up, his jeans perfectly fitted over it. I followed him as I didn't trust him and watched him rummage. We were each other’s base, the other’s rock. Of course we had other friends, and even dated other people. The friends stayed, but the romantic relationships ended rapidly. Either our dates did not measure up to some impossibly high standard that we both seemed to have. Or our dates would get jealous of our close friendship. College came. Of course, we went to the same school. That was when things started to get interesting. By sheer luck, we were placed in the same dorm, just a floor apart..

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Friends wife

Friends wife

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