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It wasn’t as if she and John would get back together. It seemed strange but it didn’t feel right to be with another man apart from Jared. That tho...ght worried Alin. How could she be with a man who was callous and constantly vow to seek revenge from her so called betrayal? She shook her head putting that thought down to him being her first lover. It was always hard to let go of your first love, and that was exactly how she felt. Alin hated the contradictions, lying to Jared was not something she. "I bet she's lighter than a fly," John remarked."More like a misquito," Mark followed. Gabrielle put her head over his shoulder and stuck out her tongue at him."She's gorgeous beyond words," Chris said.She repeated sticking her tongue out at her brothers."One day I'm going to take a pair of scissors and cut that thing off," Matt threatened. Gabrielle did it for a third time then rested her head on Chris' shoulder. Her one arm tossed about his neck for support. Peg saw this unfold from the. He just keep doing that then he went back kissing my lips we kissed like there are no more days to come then he remove the buttons of my jeans and he inserted his hand as he bit his looking in his eyes I can see right through him that he wanted me so bad plus I can feel his penis being hard under his jeans. He inserted his finger in my vagina and then I started moaning. "shhh dont be so loud baby someone might come home" he whispered then i said u*********sly "Faster baby. 'They want all the pretty girl's. You should sign up to be a bartender or a waitress. Shelly will be one of the bartenders, she'll look out for you and I bet Cole won't mind, ' she added giving Misty another look hoping the small towel would fall from her body. 'Me and Bridgette are going to put on a show they'll never forget!' Lisa giggled licking her lips.'I bet they'll love that.' Misty said feeling her face turning red. 'Do we get paid or something?' She asked as more girls' ran to sign the.

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