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She was bloody pissed off with me about it. She said the last thing she'd ever wanted to be was mother to a whore. She was close to reporting me to th... police in the hope that it would get me to stop." But she didn't?" As I say, what good would it do?"Primrose put the two mugs on a tray and laid out a handful of shortbread biscuits imported from the Republic of Scotland. She followed her grandmother back to the living room."You've got a lovely apartment, Gran," she said. "But what was wrong. Aaaaahhhhh… don’t stop.. Aahhhhh…. aaaahhhh..Zubair fuck me deeper.. Aaahhhhh… aaaahhhhh make me yours.”I started to fuck her wildly and rubbed her clit simultaneously. My wife kept moaning, “Aaahhhhh.. Zubair fuck me harder, Aahhhhh.. aahhhh don’t stop it, Aaaahhhh.. keep rubbing, aaahhhh.. aahhhh.”She cried and screamed and her boobs were shaking up and down. It was then that I penetrated her to the hilt and we were nearing our climax.I was on top of her. I lifted both her legs and rested. And this wonderful man beside her. He laid her wet clothes near the fireplace.Lilly smiled.“Should I take off the rest?” she asked.“Let me get a fire started,” Matt answered, handing Lilly a second blanket to wrap herself in.Lilly watched as Matt assembled logs, found kindling, and located a flint hanging beside the fireplace. He worked hurriedly, but purposefully. A spark from the flint caught on the kindling. The flames struggled at first, but then spread over the logs. Minutes later, heat. For one thing, I had a huge erection. I wondered if she could feel that poking up inside my pants. I was the boss, so I didn’t have to worry about offending her with my boner.She started to act differently too. Her cries of pain started to sound more like moans. She pushed herself up even higher, and she began to gyrate her hips against my crotch.I thought I knew what was going on, but I didn’t want to admit it to myself. For some reason, I noticed a white ribbon tied around her hair bun..

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