If They Are Called Balls Then I Have Been...

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Dinner went great and was very relaxing. Sue even let Tommy have a couple glasses of wine. Sue wanted to make him feel more grown up. He certainly nee...ed some confidence building. Sue had quite a bit more wine than Tommy. She felt a little tipsy but also warm and relaxed. Tommy had no trouble talking to his mom. The wine had loosened his tongue just a bit. Besides, it wasn’t like it was a real date, he thought.They talked about school, friends, music, movies; all the things that a boy and girl. He had his attention on Jack and Laurie; she was looking at me, smiling.I sat down and picked up a peach. I cut it in half and got the pit, putting it on the table next to the bowl. I started to cut the first half and Jack picked up the fork, spearing a piece. He held it up for her and she opened her mouth, taking it off the fork when he put it in.She chewed and swallowed then Jack wiped her mouth with the napkin. In the meantime, Bozo came over to see if there was anything for him. Jack said,. Lying the girl on her back, he pinned her legs over her shoulders and entered her. She took the whole length of his cock and groaned rhythmically as he stroked her hard, approaching climax. ‘Now.’ The senior man grunted. He pulled out and she quickly returned to the center of the room and resumed seiza. They hurried to form a circle around her, stroking vigorously, as she knelt on the plastic, her clothing now completely removed. She jacked his cock, licking the head and moving it over her. Have……ever….cum……that……hard……before.I was as limp as a rag doll, my brreaths came in ragged panting gasps. My body was damp with the perspiration of our passion. Bruces laid on his back as Susie seduced him. She licked and sucked his hard-on untill Bruce was seeing stars. He was panting hard and asked her to stop, as he was about to cum. She put one nipple into his mouth. She could feel the thunderous pounding of his heart, as they laid still for awhile. She held back as they settled down some..

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