Pakistani Stepmom Fucked After Party With Stepson

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“Have you ever played with yourself in front of another woman before?”“No, never,” she said. “What about you – have you ever masturbated other guys before?”“No, nothing even close,” I said. “It’s always been a private thing – until…until yesterday.” Tara smiled knowingly and put her hand on my thigh like she did the day before. “Yeah, me either. But have you ever thought about jacking off with another guy before?”I was unsure how honest I should be – maybe the idea of two guys masturbating. I sink into your ass in one smooth movement. You start talking to God, which is always a good sign. I kiss your neck and pinch your nipples hard. I fuck you like Ive dreamed of fucking you for too many days…too many days with my fingers in my wetness…crying out with the heights of passion my fantasies took me to. Now I am here, in the middle of my own fantasy, the one I created just for myself…you an always willing participant. God I love that…you walk in the door and you are mine. Fuck, that. It started between my legs, and then I felt this rush of heat all over the middle of my body. It was like I was burning, but the flames felt good!That went on for a little while, and suddenly I was screaming your name and bouncing up and down like I was on a trampoline.It went on forever.You have to try this thing when you and I are alone. It will blow your mind.I so appreciate you suggesting that I buy a vibrator and learn to please myself. Thank you for loving me that way, and letting me brag. She rubbed a finger lightly up and down between the cheeks of his ass. She used her all to get him good and hot. She liked the idea of making this man hotter than she was. In fact, it made her feel even sexier to work out on his body. She liked rubbing him, playing with his genitals, making him as horny as possible."Alright," she said finally, reaching do between her supple loins where his stick was rubbing, "it's time." And she took the head of his big hot cock meat and pressed it up against.

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