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"Great minds," she whispered.They lay like that for the best part of an hour and a half. Finally, Sally stirred."I could stay like this for ever," she...said gently, "but you must be getting cramp. In any case, I need to keep you alive so I need to feed you." She kissed the end of his nose. "Upsadaisy!"She tried to roll off him. He hung on to her. "No, darling, Mummy's got to go and cook supper. Mind you, she's going to change out of office clothes first." Ooh!" Voyeur!"All she did was undress. The silence in the room was palatable, as the girl disrobed, and as the few garments she wore dropped away to reveal a beautiful and full figured young girl, a couple of men, much older than her jumped-up and stripped, fully erect and determined they moved into the circle and pulled her onto the floor.What followed was more akin to a ****, with the first penetrator cumming within minutes of being inside her.We all sat around and watched her being taken and I confess to enjoying the brutality of. I invited them. They were having chit chat and my husband taking them thru the home to show them the flat, later they came to hall sat, I gave some snacks, in between I am not sure who someone asked are you not giving drink boy? Then my husband gone and got the drink from the fridge, I served the drink to their glass they were having and talking. Later one raised asking why don’t your wife join here, then my husband called me to join them, I sat next to my husband, and they all are trying nasty. Didi ki panty utarne ke baad jab meinne didi ki dono taan go ko khool kar dekah didi ki choot bouhat choti lag rahi thi. Maine use chaatna shoro kar diaya.Mere chate hi didi ki awanein nikalne lagi”aahh ueeeee margayeee aahh or thoda or chaato.”Main ne didi ki choot ko 10 minute tak chata Didi ne kaha “mein jahdne waali hoon” Main ne kaha” Main sab paani peene ko tayaar hoon”or kuch der mein didi discharge hogayee.Ab didi uthee or mere lund ko phir se choosne lagi ab meine didi ke munh se apna.

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