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I left to drop off the drop leaf table at one of my most valuable clients. I swear I must have built every piece of furniture in their house. I was go...e about an hour. I pulled into the driveway and I saw Amya come running out the door still in her kimono. I thought the worst.“What’s wrong Amya?”“Oh nothing AJ I just didn’t want you walking in just yet. It’s a surprise that I know you’re going to love. Come with me and be quiet.”Realizing nothing was wrong I did as Amya said. We walked quietly. Debbie backed me into a corner, and said sexily, ‘Just where do you think you’re off to? We can spend the day together.’ I was unable to move. Debbie was wearing a pullover shirt, and in one swift movement, it was off. She wasn’t wearing a bra. She untied the band on her sweat pants, and they dropped easily to the floor. She wasn’t wearing panties, and so there she was before me, standing naked. It was obvious I was trying to fight her off of me. I also avoided touching her by holding my arms. The 5 bridesmaids (three of whom I know) looked stunning, two of them were Kim's nieces looked out of this world. The other two as yet unknown looked equally as good.There was around 150 people at the wedding and all back at the marquee for the evening. I knew I had no chance for some serious sexy fun but thought I would have a go and see what happened.I knew most of Kim's relatives and some of the women / late teens looked very hot indeed. But again, knew that they would be off limits.I had. So much so, that she was even considering,trying sex with Steve, that very night. She had come very close in thelast few weeks That evening, for the first time in her life, Vickyfinally managed to indulge in a normal act of love. For weeks now, shehad been gradually lowering the barriers and carefully advancing theirforeplay with each adventure under the bedclothes. That night,something finally clicked inside her and she achieved fullconsummation. She didn't orgasm of course; she realised that.

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