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Thank you for your time today." That went well," I commented to my lover after enough time had passed for his message to reach the outer limits of the...system, and any early responses be received back."If you mean no riots in the streets this time, I wasn't expecting any. Most people — and all the robots — knew the system was corrupt, so there was no real surprise about that. But it'd worked well enough overall that they could live with it. That I reformed it in one fell swoop might have been. The dwarves grinned; their long march home giving them ample time for lustful thoughts."Supper can wait you big minx" Came a reply along with agreeing nods.The dwarves began to stroke her legs, and then fondle her ass, Ms White moaning a little, looking down in despair. The little men began to pull at her torn dress as they had done many times; unfastening the string lattice front the fabric expanding as her bosom forced outwards. She whimpered her long nailed hands trying to push them away.. She started to moan to show how she was enjoying him. He got faster but it didn’t look like he was going to stop anytime soon. He kept going. The pleasure was building inside her and she was getting close. She was so wet that was dripping on the floor. Every time he was pounding her his balls would make a loud smack against her clit. His balls felt big and warm. They were filled with warm cum. She couldn’t wait to feel it. She could feel the head of his cock rub against the frontal wall of her. I wanted it to be perfect.They were talking quietly as I walked out with the food. I placed theirplates in front of them and refilled their glasses. Ben's eyes lit up as hepassed his nose across the plate. As I returned with my own plate they werealready eating. The night air was filled with the sounds of cutlery onplates as they ate voraciously. The conversation died as they focused onthe meal.Afterwards Ben in particular leaned back in his chair. "My god that wasfantastic. Bloody hell I am.

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