Desi GF Bj & Nude Showing Part 1

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I am from Bangalore(place changed). This story happened 2 years before.I am bi and have had sex experiences before and gay handjob only. That was the ...ime when I had been in a breakup situation with my GF.We stopped texting, calling and meeting.So I decided to meet new people, so registered on some social site/app .After a week some guy sent me a request to chat.Which I accepted and had casual chats. Next day I asked him to send me his photo since his dp was a bike.He sent a photo of him in. ...oh are making me so wet.....feeeeeeling so hot" - she screams lost in sexual reveries.Shadow Dancer I reach up around one of your breasts.... scratching the bulbs of your breasts with my fingertips from one hand.... my fingers slowly slipping around the bulb of your breast as my index finger flicks your nipple back and forth a few times.... my mouth hungrilly lapping your slit... darting my tongue in and out of you.Super Michelle : "Ohhhhhhhhhhh.....Ahhhhh are. I guess it was about six months after I married Lady Dee that I was in the bedroom with her holding that heart shaped black ass from behind and long stroking the pussy doggy style. That pussy was so good, it was wet, it was hott and it was tight with my thick dick wrapped in her silky skin following me in and out. Lady Dee turned and looked at me with her head down and ass up, she said "I want you to fuck me in the ass". The request totally caught me off guard. I had never heard anything. पण दोघांची पहिलीच वेळ होती… त्यामुळे दोघेही गोंधळलेले आणि कामातुर होते. तिची pant आता जमिनीवर विसावली होती. तिच्या सुंदर गोऱ्या पायांना त्याचे होठ रोमांचित करत होते..तिच्या गोऱ्यापान मांड्यांवर आता त्याचे गरम ओठ कामुक स्पर्श करत होते..“आह…. आहहहहहहहहह……”त्याने हळुवार तिच्या योनीचे panty वरून चुंबन घेतले…. आणि एक जोरदार लहर तिच्या अंगातून गेली.. त्याच्या अंगावरची underwear फक्त शिल्लक होती.“ओह आह आह आह आह”……………“please रमेश”.. तिच्या सर्वांगाला त्याने चुंबनाने न्हाऊ घातला…. पुन्हा दोघेही चुंबनात.

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