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After some time it was apparent that the liquid lunch had had an effect on just about everyone on the coach. Everyone was sleepy, we had even quietene... down and we all began to snooze a bit, the old man along from us was fast asleep. I was sat on the seat nearest to him; Marie was next to me and Steve by the window. At some point I became aware that Marie was leaning towards me, her head was sort of propped against my arm and her left leg was against my right leg. I felt comfortable and also. He stood for ten minutes under the hot water trying to wash away some of the toxins that had built up in his body. Occasionally, he would open his mouth and allow it to fill with water before swishing the liquid in his mouth in an attempt to get rid of the foul taste.A hot cup of coffee was waiting for him on the counter next to the sink. He took a large sip of the hot caffeinated beverage and looked in the mirror. His eyes were bloodshot and had dark bags under them. He needed to wake up a bit. "They all settled down near a thicket of bushes a tree provided a canopy that would hide them. The 'mobiles were out of sight on the other side of the small valley. They talked, ate and lay down to rest first changing into fatigues against the coming desert chill and eventually tried to sleep as the dusk came on.Before she rested, Pru called Solly. "What do you have on the Wadi?" she asked."Nothing new, really, Alpha. We're seeing a regular change of guard. They should change next at midnight. I was looking for some safe place while driving slowly on the road. I found a narrow sand road on my left and took the road. The road was going through the hills, looked like passage villagers use rather than a proper road.I stopped the car in between. Both sides were covered by hills and trees were ahead of us. If anyone could come or see us, it could be from behind us. We got into the back seat and released our lust fire that had been kept under control so far.I kissed all over her.

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