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Renee took it from me and leaned in and gave me a quick kiss on the lips. It was that kind of kiss that is more about being connected than aroused. Th... kind couples like us that have been married for years have.“Allen, go brush your teeth! You have terrible coffee breath! Sally could be here any time," Renee admonished.I went to the bathroom to brush. I changed out of my sweats into some shorts and a t-shirt. I straightened up my bed-head look. I looked myself in the eye in the mirror and. " She brusquely shoved my head away and strutted off majestically- leaving me completely alone with Master Hart in the dimly lit basement.“Well, this is going to be fun” said Master Hart coldly, surveying me. He was tall and thin, although his vice-like grip on the rope hinted at a lot of muscle, he scared me…. I wasn't sure if I should be doing this- giving myself to a complete stranger... but no matter how unsure I was, how disgusted with myself I was, I couldn’t stop the shivers of. They tightened under her touch and he moaned in delight. Myra was making her husband feel good.Roland, at the same time, was making his wife feel good as well. She was wet, wetter than he remembered in a long time, and her clit was hot and nicely erect. He matched Myra's strokes on her clit as she continued to pull on him the same way. Roland quickly massaged Myra's love button until he had her arching into the bed and moaning loudly. Suddenly, Roland felt Myra's body tense as she began to grip. One of the men stepped up on stage, his hard cock sticking out obscenely. In the light, all I could tell was that he was average, and had a beard. There was no sympathy in his eyes as he slapped my face with his cock, grabbing the back of my head, and fucking my face onto his rod. I sucked like the whore I had become, moaning around the warm intruder as I did my best to use my tongue and lips, even as he was gagging me with his length. "Good whore, take what I give you. We've been having fun.

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