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She resumed her conversation with madame Juliette in French, and Laura was now presumably going to be enlightened by the dark woman. The dark woman wo...e a pearl white mask, with gold horses studding it all over. Her skin suggested that she was probably Latina or South Asian. She had shining black hair that was braided into a complicated plait that fell down her breasts. Calling her eyes limpid pools of seductive brown wouldn’t be a stretch. Laura loved her right away. Her voice was equally. That was all she needed as her skin was already flawless. She then got up and stood in front of her wardrobe deciding what to where for her special night. She put on a white sheer bra and matching thong. The material was so transparent it left nothing to the imagination, everything could be seen. Her nipples and shaved pussy were all on display under her underwear. She sat down at her dressing table again and applied the most alluring perfume that she had which of course was a gift from her. " The man by the name of Hong Chao looked the girl over. She was young, thirteen or fourteen, small well formed breasts, black shoulder length hair and skinny body. Her clothes consisted of an old T shirt and canvas trousers. on her feet she wore old leather sandals. “What's your name?" asked Hong Chao. “Milena," the girl answered. “Well Milena, you belong to us now. Our organization has use for you and your natural talents of pleasing men. You are here to entertain very important people who. “Indeed they do,” Davrion answered. “Yet while you slept, I investigated the loot left by the magician. It will be enough, especially if I can borrow your half. You should be able to claim half his treasures considering what kind of hardships he forced on you, but I don’t know how much time there is left before Azbezil makes his move.”“I would not mind if you were to borrow the loot to save the kingdom,” Pymaria responded after giving it some thought. It was not like she knew how to sell loot,.

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