Tara Aur Boyfriend Ka Indian Blue Film

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I joined him in helping her to lay down on her back and then assisted him in removing most of her clothes. The skirt was first. I quickly unbuttoned i... and I pulled it from her waist and down her legs. Then came her white silk blouse. We took one side each and tore it apart; the buttons popping and flying through the air as she squealed her encouragement at us. The bra and thong quickly followed in the same hurried fashion and George and I knelt back to admire the semi naked woman on the floor. Pressing his groin against my butt Tom asked how I was doing. My heart was pounding and I couldn't catch my breath. Slowly he pulled back till just the head of his dick was in me. Waiting a minute, he moved forward again spreading my insides again.Soon he sped his movement and I could hear and feel our bodies slap together. The feeling of him inside me was unbelievable. He pulled his dick out of me and grabbed my hips. Flipping me on my back, he pulled my feet up on his shoulders. Guiding his. ...mouth...So i am going to give her mine. Would you be a pal and go inside the booth and film while my wife takes her last load of the day?"Being a bit of a Voyeur, I happily went into the booth....What a sight. There she was,,,, the Sperm Princess. The bra was gone, so she was naked except for the black stockings and cum fuck me heels. Sitting by one of the holes, with her legs open, i could see her pussy was dripping wet and had clearly had some attention...probably finger fucked by. ?Her hips were moving up and down, the look in her eyes was feverish; shewas literally panting and growling with desire.?Sir took up the second jar and held it between her belly button and hermound.? He looked into her eyes and shesimply closed them and leaned her head back and thrust her hips forward.? He poured the wax onto her skin and itspilled into her pubic hair and over her pouting outer lips.? She gasped but held her position.? Her senses in overload, she teetered on thebrink of.

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