Uff Series Ep5

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They trust us. Trust YOU! I can't believe the difference."Early on, Carole broke the ice by inserting herself under my arm and declaring, "I'm definit...ly not ready for sex yet, but I need hugs, kisses, gentle touches. You are my hero, so you are elected." She kissed me lightly on the lips, hugged me, and slipped away.Over the next few hours, each of the entourage approached me to let me know that touching, kisses, and/or 'brotherly affection' was welcome, even highly desired. I made the rounds. Sarahs mom was some sort of high paid business-woman, she was always called away to California or new york or somewhere like that. Sarahs dad was killed in Afghanistan about 3 years ago. So david, what are your plans for tonight? not much is open, and Richards (an old friend from highschool) party fell through. ah. I was going to go to richs too, which is why I called you, Im thinking of having a little something at my house instead. Problem is, I cant get alcohol. So I called you&hellip, dont. I opened my eyes and kissed Tony, then thanked him for my orgasm.Steve helped Tony to lie down on the bed while I took off my panties, then I lay on my side facing Tony. Steve was fully hard, and he moved to lie beside me. I raised my uppermost leg and Steve moved close. Tony kissed me, and I felt his hand reach down to take Steve's cock and position it at the entrance to my soaking wet hole. Steve didn't move, he waited for Tony to end the kiss. I could feel Tony's hand was still holding. I enjoy rimming his ass and thrusting my long tongue into it. What would my quiet, young friend Pam think? Hopefully, she would want to help me! While I am territorial with my man, I do enjoy, on occasion, playing with other women together with him. Our talent and hot passion need to be shared sometimes. Our sexual thirst needs quenching in a variety of ways. I know he thinks Pam is sexy as we have talked about her several times, but, as a rule, we have never played with people we know well. Of.

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