Desi Cute Girl Live With Bf On Bathroom

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"Welcome. My name is Shayna. I will be your hostess ANDcocktail waitress for the evening," she said."I'm the groom to be. The name is forshort," he said.As Shayna introduced herself to the men when they entered,she tried to figure their ages and relationship to thegroom. At least half of the guys were in there twenties andmust have been the groom's buddies. The other half had torange from 40 to 60 years old and must've been relativesand their friends. One thing she DID know. Wo bola saala tu meri maa ko vi choda hai. Mai chup raha. Raat ko mai wahi ruk gaya ram kissi kaam se saher ke bahar gaya tha. Mai sarika aur suchu ek kamre re sone chale gaye.Sarika bich me soyi thi tavi unki maa basana aa gyi aur boli sarika aaj kl khub maze le rahi ho. Basna ne room lock kiya aur basna half pant aur top me thi. Sarika dar rahi thi ki maa yaha aa gyi kya bolegi kya nai. Basna boli sarika muje pata hai tera bhai teri chut ki chatni bana raha. Sarika sharam se pani ho gayi.. “Now do not be a prude Aunty dear, what you call it isjust semantics. If you’d rather we call it sex ormaking love we can. In the end it is all the same. Iwant to fuck you and I think you want it too. If notthen why are you still here with my cock in your mouth?Sex at my age; surely not. He couldn’t want to makelove to an old lady could he? I would have asked himbut my mouth was full of his “cock” and I could notspeak. Then he began to move it in and out of my. To see my Son between my thighs, is a view that makes me wet. He lathered my pussy, he ate me well, while I sighed out loud with joy. His open mouth and wandering tongue sure makes his Mother quiver. I'm so surprised he gulps my juice, it's almost like a dream. I held mythigh, I held it wide, while Michael enjoyed the feast. Then I wrapped my legs around his head, to hear his muffled scream. I was pressing myself against his face and filling his mouth with cream. I ran my fingers through his.

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