Cute Sexy Indian Girl Playing With Her Lover

They have made a list of things they say Emmy needs to learn to give the perfect blowjob. Emmy studies the list, and gets to work on Aaron's cock, lea...ning to lubricate her hand with saliva, what to do with her tongue, how hard to suck, going at it like a good little student. When Aaron comes in her mouth, one of the other guys takes over, until all 3 have come in her mouth. They all congratulate Emmy on a great lesson, and invite her back the next day. And she keeps going back, after school. We have boarded the train in Hyderabad and reached delhi the next day.The journey was boring as she and i were in different compartments.I never thought anything new could happen in this trip.After some fucking boring meeting we decided to have lunch.That was time where she and I were alone and candidly discussing regarding client.She even used some bad words in our chatting. Then she asked about my personal things and I said I knew I was making her boring with my discussion .Then I asked about. I told you I wasn’t quite ready and to come on in. I put on some tunes for you as I finished puttering in the kitchen. "You know I could always make us coffee" ya sure" you say with a smile.I bring you a cup and as I bend over to put it on the table I see you looking down my shirt. You reach for my hand and pull me on to your lap and kiss me gently. As I pull back you run your hands into my still damp hair and yank my head back to your mouth. I can smell your cologne and your manly musk and my. He got on top of her and started to kiss her. Samar being the fox he got a good feel of her boobs and pulled her hand on his erection. Rimi broke the kiss and pressed Samar’s dick so hard that he cried out in pain rather than pleasure. She said, “There is your sweet treat Samar for touching my boobs.”Manish had a good laugh out of it and Suraj moved down to her boobs and dug inside. She closed her eyes and told Suraj to milk her dry so that Samar doesn’t get anything. Samar kept on apologizing.

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