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"Neat please." I grinned eagerly."Good man." Tom beamed, "It'll put hairs on your chest."Mona sorted out the drinks and handed them round, this time I...knew what she was drinking as I'd seen her fill her glass from a vodka bottle. Sipping my drink I wondered what we were going to have for dinner then grinned over my glass as I realised that I felt eager for the first time in a foster home."So," Mona grinned at me, "you drink. Do you smoke as well?" Only if I don't use Vaseline." I responded. She noticed that his penis was only marginally smaller and thinner that her husbands but in fact was still longer and thicker than her 2 son-in-law's.She pushed him back onto the bed and went between his legs and gave him his 1st ever blowjob.He didn't last 10 seconds before erupting in her mouth and was amazed to see her throat moving letting him know that she had swallowed his load.After about 10 minutes mutual kissing he found that tasting his own come did not faze him and she again took him. I gave Joe a sly grin. "As a matter of fact, Ican." I closed my eyes, and willed the change. I felt it starting,though this time there was no fire. It started with the warmth. Iopened my eyes, and said "Watch this."I kept my eyes glued on Joe as I stripped. He couldn't stop staring.By the time I was fully naked, I was halfway there. Within a few moremoments, I was female again, and very much in control. "Like what yousee, Joe?" I asked. With my control I knew I wouldn't use my. Somehow, she believed that what they were both doing was being reflected back on her. We all told her that this wasn't the case, but as things worsened, Brenda became more determined in her beliefs concerning this. By the time Walt brought the bogus pay order to our bank for payment, Brenda was becoming sick with her worry, and seemed determined that she too had to share in their guilt.This was such un-Brenda like behavior, that it confused all of us at first. We didn't really take what she was.

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