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He banged her for about 15-20 minutes and she has also came several times. He released his hot cum in her wet soaking pussy and lay on top of her and ...emoved his dick when it went lump.He took some tissues and wiped her cunt and again started to lick and finger fuck it. He then opened her mouth a bit and tried to mouth fuck her and was unable to do it. Soon within less time, he gained his strength and his dick was a hard rock again and started fucking her in the missionary position for another. Leading Kate and Beth down through the apartment complex we went to my old beat up car and piled inside. Beth took the passenger side seat and forced a somewhat reluctant Kate into the back seat."The last thing I need is you staring at her while you drive." She said."And I can look at you?" I asked joking."You can sure, I'll just shoot you in the parking lot once we get there." She deadpanned.I rolled my eyes and started the engine. My old car had been out in the cold for a few days and slowly. You should go check on her," he made a believable excuse to get away. After hearing that, how could I not go and check on my poor sister.As expected, she was sitting on the toilet in the downstairs bathroom. Her face was red and she was grunting as her stomach muscles contorted. She was trying to squeeze out every last drop of Luther's cum. "Oh man, he really did a number on you." I shook my head.Theodora did not even try to deny what they had been doing. She knew she was caught. I hugged her. The female soldiers watched with a certain amount of envy showing on their faces, but seemed eager to get back to their barracks except for my young soldier friend, who would obviously have liked to stay with me a bit longer. I heard her say as she left "Yes Kris he is good and he has just fucked me as well and he looks ready to go again."After the soldiers left Kris took me for a shower, and she told me that the Princess Oona had aroused quite a lot of resentment at having the sole ownership.

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