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She had fled, aimlessly. She stayed that night and the next in a Bed-and Breakfast in Shropshire. Then, she reasoned, if people were truly after her, ...hey would have her car registration and description. She sold the car for £500 to a dealer in Oswestry and caught a train to Birmingham. She stayed in Birmingham one night and resolved to find me. She had gone to the City Library and found me in a Legal Directory. She was afraid to telephone so she decided to come to Chambers. She'd waited. “Good,” Mom said with a satisfied nod. “That’s the plan.”Shelly’s attention slipped over his shoulder and she frowned again. Jeff turned to see Shawna and Nessa approaching the table. He couldn’t stop the grin and stood to greet them.“Hey,” he said to greet Shawna then turned to his table. “This is Shawna Sweeney and her mother, Nessa. We met them this morning while we were shopping.”Mom stood and reached for Nessa’s hand. “Nice to meet you. I’m Kim Allen, Jeff’s mother. This is my husband. He told me I was a great wife. I took him upstairs and we had sex. The movie idea made me want to see what the whole thing was like. I only got to see old movies in my country so I thought I would give it a try. I got up early as usual and fixed him breakfast then got dressed and went to catch the bus. I sat in the back. This huge black man sat next to me. I crossed my legs and knew he would look at me. I do have very long sexy legs. As he watched I reached into between my legs and. It’s natural, and there is nothing wrong with pleasing yourself,” I said as I walked towards his bed. I sat on the edge of his bed, my hand slowly moved to him as I took the blanket and pulled from his naked body exposing it all to me.In a sultry and calm voice, I inquired, “Do you have a girlfriend?”He looked into my eyes, “Seriously, you asked me that? You know how fucking overprotective she is, she doesn’t let me do a fucking thing!”“Yes, I do know what you’re talking about, but things will.

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