I Like My Husband Dick Tasty

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30, which gave me over an hour to shower and get dressed.I couldn’t believe my luck when I opened the door to my bedroom; I was in a suite! I had a ...ressing area, a sofa and matching chair plus the bed was absolutely huge. I smiled to myself when I saw that my room was overlooked by a large office block and some of the lights were still on. As well as being a flirt I’m also an outrageous tease; so without closing the wooden blinds I began to get undressed hoping some pervert would watch. She was so wet; I slid in with almost no effort. She felt so tight around me when I was all the way in. I started to move in and out of her at a gentle pace, just trying to savor the feeling of being in this girl’s pussy. As I was moving I saw she had milk leaking from her nipples again. Without giving it much thought now, I lowered my head to her nipple, and started sucking it as I had before. Wendy reacted by thrusting against me hard. She was moving under me like she was possessed. I was. "Did you know that Ching Lee is double or triple jointed? She can get her body into some crazy positions; some boy with imagination is going to have a wild time with her," Lorrie said."I would love to see that!" I said."You will, I have some of her and Jen on the tape with the strap-on," she said.When we got home Jen went straight to the shower while Lorrie had toast with hot chocolate before we headed to the shower and bed. Jen was already in bed asleep, snoring like a freight train.I looked. Then he pulled off her panties and opened his pants. He pulled the hem of her dress up to her waist and admired her taut round ass. He positioned his cock between her legs and felt her hand reaching back. She positioned the tip between her lips and breathed "Now, Drew, push it in." He had been so turned on by her dress that he just had to take her as soon as he could. He was still excited by the freedom with which he could now treat Kelly's body, since they were married. Drew's gruff treatment.

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