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I sat there for what seemed like an eternity, stunned. Did that just really happen? Fuck yea it did! But why was Jessie so upset??? I needed answers s... I decided to go get them. I barged right into her room. "Jessie, what the-holy hell!!!" Was all I could say because I had just walked in on my sister rubbing her pussy furiously on top of her blanket. Her shorts were at her knees (no panties), her shirt was pulled up to her collarbone, revealing those big, gorgeous tits! Her nipples were. Like i said i was just living for free at my sisters mansion having orgies, but being a pimp with a 9 inch dick for so long made me feel the need to be useful. That is when i met Mrs. Richardson. I looked over into her yard and saw my neighbor screaming at her husband for not cleaning out the pool. I like a true pimp went over there and said hey I can clean this pool for a few bucks. She looked down at my pants noticed my bulge and quickly said yes. It wasn't even a full day when she called me. She had on small, but stylish earrings and a beaded necklace that was very attractive. Her freckles were darkened from a deep summer tan that hadn’t gone away. Her smile, though, was her most attractive feature. She looked incredibly relaxed and serene.She spoke softly saying: “Tell me a little about yourself?” I told her some of the basics. I shared that I am 45 years old, living by myself 40 minutes from the park entrance, and that I work part-time, making enough money to give myself. You were almost ready to abuse but first I had to put on your choker collar and leash and then the gag to force your mouth open wide all the time. I admired my work and snapped a few pics of the horny site in front of me. There you were totally helpless and ready for me to abuse, I grabbed my bag and pulled out the vibrating butt plug and without any more lube forced it in to your tight wet ass hard making you cry out as it went all the way in.Next I grabbed the new Vibe and turning it on full.

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