Desi Bhabhi Sucking Hubby

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Mentally shrugging, he walked towards the cars."Hello," she said. There was a weather induced chill in her voice. Her arms crossed over her chest. Yes... a Southern girl."Hello." He nodded to her. "Never saw anyone else here. It's not a popular place." Understandable." He got the sense she was referring to the entire area. Well, that was her problem. He liked it. She cocked her head to the side. brow furrowing. "How do you know her?"He stopped."Excuse me?" My sister. How did you..." Her voice. After we arrived home, we left all the clothes in the car, so there wasno chance of them being found. I said to Raymond when he came down fromhis room, "Hi Raymond, did you keep yourself busy while we were out," hereplied, "Yes I just played on my games, you know usual stuff."I nearly replied, yes we do know what you've been doing Raymond.Later I was sitting in bed reading, when my mind started to drift offabout what we were going to make Raymond do this summer, and I will admitI could not. “She was everything you promised babe”. They kissed again. I then saw Stephanie pull a $50 note from her pocket and hold it up as though she had lost a bet or was making payment. Still looking at me she asked Paul, “Did she let you bareback her?” “Sure did” he smugly replied. Another $50 was offered. Then she asked, “And did you cum inside her?” “My god, did I?” He replied. Yet another $50.Stephanie then cupped her hand onto Paul crotch holding the cock that had just fucked me. She said, “Babe,. As we walked out of there, you were high on the rush you got from your little exhibition. As we wandered the city, we came across a park. I had been keeping my eyes open for one ever since I had ordered you not to wear any underwear. You had told me about it being common to see people fucking in these parks, and now, you were going to be one of those people. “Come over here.” I told you as I lead you to a bench that was out of the way, yet in sight of everyone. “Sit on my lap” I ordered as I.

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