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..” she looked at me, head cocked. “That’s the thing. I feel safe with you. Safer than I’ve been since ... you know.”So that is how I ended ...p in the fore-cabin, instead of the master cabin with the longer bed, sharing the space with a lithe, thermals-clad, young woman.I slept well. Very well, but not too long. I left Clara in bed and went about preparing for the day. I boiled the kettle twice, and filled a couple of Thermos flasks, one with coffee, one with hot water, and put the kettle back. This was hard, fast, lusty sex..He banged away for about three or four minutes, working his fingers over my clit and brining me to a throbbing orgasm. As I orgasmed I clutched his cock and felt him shoot his cream deep inside me. He throbbed a few times and then withdrew when he’d shot the last of his cum against my cervix..I turned around, knelt down and sucked his cock clean, removing all the cum he and I had left on it. I ran my tongue around his helmet, taking an extra swipe of the goo. How many boys my age anywhere would get a chance like this, not a single one by my reckoning so I was going to enjoy it with all my worth.Getting on for about 10 minutes, it was then that mom moved up the pace and gripped me even harder. Looking at me mom encouraged me to cum."Come on! . . . come on! . . . cum for me! . . . you can do it! . . . come on! . . . you can do it! . . .cum for ya mom! . . . cum for ya mom!"Feeling cum flowing into my balls I groaned loudly. "Aaahhh! . . .. "I'm afraid David has been spying on you." Bob said. "I am going to take care of this as soon as they get back. He is going to get it." "Now wait a minute." Sue replied. "The door knob is missing and that is my fault. I should have had it fixed. And he is still a teenager full of hormones. I understand Bob. It was an attempt to take a peek and his hormones took over." But he didn't have to take pictures!" Bob exclaimed."No, but all teens take pics of everything." Sue said. "And.

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