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Jenny gave me a little slap on the cheek and pointed to her cock. I knew I couldn't deny her I moved my mouth slowly towards her flacid cock. I lightl... kissed it at first gently running my tongue around the head of her cock. Then I parted my lips and took the head of her cock deep into my mouth. I could feel her growing bigger and bigger filling the inside my mouth and the back of my throat as she got harder. At first I started to gag but I as I adjusted it became easier to accommodate her. I. Voh chosne me mahir thi aisa laga muje,mene bhi usko pura nanga karke 69 position me aa gaya.Mene uski chut dhire dhire chusna suru kiya aur ek ungli se use sahlaya,dhire dhire 2 ungli se ek sath use ragada aur uski chut ko aise choosa ki voh sihar gai.Voh tadap ne lagi,muh se tarah tarah ki avaje nikalne lagi,aur bolne lagi sonu jaldi se dal do jaldi se fad do meri choot ko. Mene bhi der na karte hue jaldi se apna 8 inch loda k upar baju me pada condom lagaya aur fir uski choot pe set kiya aur. “You are hero, to me. Do you live on island?” She was pointing to the resort.“No, little one, I’m just visiting. You speak English pretty good for only 3 days!”“Thank you! Miss Viktoriya teaches me much. I like her.” With that she ran over, to give Linda a hug.A tall brunette came up to me, “Hi, I’m Viktoriya. Karina is a very good student. She wants to learn so bad. You must be her hero! You’re the only one she’s hugged that I’ve seen.”“I just found her and seven other girls chained to the. Mistress removed the weight from the metal shaft in her stretched pussy, easing some of the pressure on her throbbing, sensitive, swollen clit. But the rock hard rod stayed in place. A tear rolled down her face as the eight clamps on her pussy lips were taken off, the blood rushing back to the numb area causing them to throb painfully. Mistress stroked her hair whispering words of comfort, assuring her that Mistress was pleased. She’d done fabulously.Mistress carefully removed the nipple clamps.

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