Shower Clean Up Part One

Perfect that is for her current assignment. At 27, she was in factgorgeous to look at with legs that never ended on sky high heels but nottoday. Hair ...ike the corn in the field, blowing in waves with the wind. Aface that made men walk into lampposts as they stared at her. A cleavagewhen visible that it was possible to get lost down for weeks. But nottoday. It was an annual thing that started just over 10 years ago.Something she thought of now as a duty but one that had to be done.Sarah had. George- "No way, give me my clothes back."No one says anything to my repeated request for my clothes. They just talkwith each other like I'm not even there or saying anything. Then my girlfriendcomes into the bedroom and explains that everyone things my boobs are reallyattractive and are just curious as to how I would look in a dress. So humorthem, it's all good fun.George- "Ok, if I put it on will you give me my clothes."June- "Oh sure George, we just want a little fun, come on don't be a. Okay?”Alley’s words helped Ken relax. At that moment, he felt closer to her than he had to any other woman. “Thanks Mrs. T.” Ken hesitated to go on. “There is one thing.”Alley paused a beat before she replied.“What’s that, honey?” She knew that the best way to coax secrets was patience.Ken did not know how to proceed. Until that moment, he had not thought to share this insecurity with anyone. “The thing is, I kinda started seeing this girl a few weeks ago. We’ve hooked up a few times, but I. ”“It is frightening and exciting to watch the two of you,” Amanda was breathing harder as a flush came over her body.“That, my dear, describes it best,” Jasmine said.“Could we do that?” Amanda asked me.“I have trained to be a fighter, a warrior and I am your Hero here to take care of you and your desires. The screaming of battle cries is up to you.”That was all she needed, and we rolled off the bed onto the floor. I would need a couple of restoratives or a trip to the healing chamber to repair.

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