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That night I picked Kim up, she was dressed in her red dress that came to mid thigh and showed lots of cleavage and had a large Diamond shape cut out ...n the back. Her beautiful blond hair came down past her shoulders, her makeup was perfect and her perfume was more of a turn-on thane I could stand.I backed her right back in to her apartment, got down on my knees and pushed her dress up and pulled her panties down and ate her sweet pussy. I was so horny my tonged licked her clit until she. We had coffee at the Student Union even though it was nowhere near as good as what we could have gotten at Starbucks. This place had ambience. Okay, it had an authentic college feel and that was more important to Sandy.We went food shopping so that after dinner we could make our own desserts: big, nasty sundaes with nuts, jimmies, chocolate syrup, maraschino cherries and Jeff and I had bananas.It took a lot longer to make them than to eat them, though we did try to savor what could not possibly. But when David lookedat himself in the mirror he could see the bite marks on his neck, thescratches on his hips and shoulders, and the imprints of Williamsfingers on his thighs and buttocks.He washed out the knickers in the sink and hung them to dry alongsidethe bra and suspender belt and then dressed in jeans and a shirt andstook the blouse and skirt to the dry cleaner on the corner, paying inadvance for a same day service.Later that afternoon he went around to Bethany's hoping that she. Bruce banner's cousin, is dying from a terrible blood decease. The only way to cure her is to perform a blood transfusion with Dr. Banner's gamma infected blood. Both of them know this will transform Jane in the She-Hulk but they know they have no other choice"For the last time Jane... are you sure you want to do this?" Yes Bruce, stop stalling the inevitable!", Jane replied desperately."Okay then, here goes" and Dr. Banner flipped the switch with his free right hand. They were both hooked up.

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