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Mike, Tim and I had looked at pictures of known villains who wereconsidered to be potential suspects but none of us spotted any of thegoons. The polic... regretfully said that the chances of catching anyonewere slim. They did say that they would keep checking known associatesof Justin. We were still wary of what Justin might do, but it wasunlikely that he would send in the goons again.Saturday was a lovely sunny autumn day. Sam and I went for a long walkand just nattered away happily. We walked. He could either keep on doing things and see where it goes. Or, he couldembrace his sissy side, explode it a make a living. This has eaten away atTim for years. He could be a sissy that has to pay to show his talents.Today was different, as Tim arrived home, he made sure to clean his sissyhole with an enema. It was one in the afternoon, Tim knew he had plenty oftime to turn into Carissa and fuel his sexual addiction. This addictionwas to be a sissy slut.Tim got dressed, and did some light. Since I was bilingual I often found myself in places that my knowledge of French would be very useful.The following incident took place during the early part of the winter of 57-58.I had asked for a 72 hour pass in order to be off base for the weekend that I was turning twenty-two, I had gotten a room at a local guesthouse and I was sitting in the bar drinking a beer when I noticed an attractive young woman sitting by herself at a table not far from the bar, she kept looking to the door. It all seems to last forever. I have never dreamt that I can ever feel like I did just then, as I do whenever I’m able to kiss him like that. He kisses me with one hand on my cheek and the other on my waist. He pulls me closer to him, as his hand starts to explore my body. His hand travels down my cheek to my C-cup breasts and he gently grabs one of them, giving it a light squeeze. This forces a soft moan out of me, as we continue kissing. I am shocked that I actually moaned, but it seems that.

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