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Tristan shrugged. "Sorry."He had chosen a small restaurant with private tables between high backed benches. He led her to the back, where the low ligh... would hide them. Tristan thought it safe for Aesia to remove her sunglasses. The waitress sauntered over with only a cursory glance at Aesia; she asked what she could get them. Tristan chose, hoping Aesia would like it.She sat quietly watching. Once the waitress had delivered the meal she inspected the food, tasting everything in turn, including. MONDAY 2Woke up this morning with a really bad hangover. Felt like somebody was trying to thrust an icepick out through my temples. This was not helped by Nichie yelling at me for borrowing her stuff without asking, though she did get me out of bed. Grampa'd left me some of his "Guaranteed Morning After Elixer." Guess it works by tasting worse than your head aches.I was halfway to school before I noticed a draft on my legs and realized I was wearing the fuku. What creeps me out is that it. As my FWB sent over the details of where we were I told her that we needed to add a condition... that if her bestie stepped into our hotel room then she's ours and needs to do exactly what we say."Yes" she said, "she can be overbearing sometimes so dominating her will be fun... lets see what she says".This time it took a bit longer but she must have been horny as she eventually replied "OK" and a few minutes later we heard a knock at the door"Start a stopwatch" I said to my FWB. I'd been. She picked them up, grabbed her purse and left the bathroom. She avoided even looking at Pamela on the bed, as she went out the door into the hallway. Before closing the bedroom door, she locked the doorknob from the inside and pulled it shut behind her, thinking, no one needs to rescue that girl anytime soon.Jackie went downstairs where three of Pamela’s roommates were watching TV. Two of them were sitting nearly on top of each other on the couch, hands buried somewhere they shouldn’t be,.

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