Desi Bangla Aunty Fucked Hard

She was smooching me without even catching a breath. I shut the door behind me and pinned her against the door. I tore off her yellow kurta while smoo...hing her. She had a grin over her face. There were medium-sized boobs caged in a blue-colored padded bra desperate to come out and to be sucked.I could see the wet patch over Nayana’s churidar. I started kissing her neck with my one hand over her left boob vigorously pressing it. Another hand was over her pajama and massaging her love hole.. It had to be high for I could see the top of the other buildings when I entered the reception room which had a large picture window overlooking the city.My escorts handed me over to a man in civilian clothing but obviously military by his bearing, who actually signed for me."We have waited a long-time for you Charlie. We know all about your trips and the rescues you done." I thought I was being arrested for desertion or something?" I replied."Good God man, no way we want you to explain. “No, I think I want to use the bathroom first.”“I’m sorry, but we really need to get this started.”I just stopped and put a hand on the doorframe. “Am I under arrest?”“No, of course not,” replied Barker.“Then I am going to the bathroom.” I pushed back and turned towards the hallway.“Patrolman, get your ass in here right now! You will give us an immediate statement and knock your shit off!”“Arrest me and read me my rights or let me go to the bathroom. If I have to, I will pee my pants and sit in. She could buy designer knock-offs for next to nothing and I new this place where you could get a massage that would get rid of tensions you didn't even know you had. We had a few names in common. Some of them we liked and some of them well, you know how that goes."Come on, Mary Kay. Let's get out of here and get a glass of white wine. I've had enough of these folks for one day."We were off to the lounge on the first floor of her building. Kind of a cute place with just enough light to see who.

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