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Her breathing changed to fast panting as John drove her closer to orgasm. Suddenly she went limp and slack. She lay, belly fluttering oddly, uttering ...obs and groans, her cunt felt hotter and clenching until a sensation of frothing bubbles burst around his cock. This was too much for John as he forcefully shot potent seed, jabbing to plant it deeper. They came together.Raising himself above her he asked, “Shall I get off?”“No, lie on me, I like it, press down on me and keep your cock inside my. She told me she needed my help becauseit was just too much for her to handle alone, you being her dad andall. So that's why she's not here and why I'm now here with you likethis."She then moved her legs and placed both of her feet on my lap. It wasobvious she was teasing me with her feet and I started to get an ideaof what the conversation was between her and Michelle last night. "I'mgoing to come right to the point Pat. Michelle knows what you've beendoing with her socks and shoes...and some. Standing before me was the Grim Reaper holding her sickle behind her.The hood on her tunic like garment revealed only a pair of beautiful full lips. It barely covered her breasts as it flowed down her firm torso to the floor.Taking the sickle in her right hand, she tapped the floor with it and there was no sound to be heard. Though it still reverberated throughout the house.Moving closer to see me better she said, "I have come to tell you that for you love is dead. I am here to collect it as it. She closed her legs and gently slid herself up the pole. As soon as she was fully standing she ripped open the shirt showing off her perky breasts to the arena of people watching. Showing off to the world the golden circles were saying hello to everyone. Next she grabbed her latex thong and ripped it off like it was made out of nothing and threw both items into the back. “At this time I would like to start the bidding at $1,000.” The announcer started the bidding for her valuable time..

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