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But now, I’m not just seeing Clara, I’m hearing her. I’m getting the full three dimensions of Clara. Hearing becomes understanding, understandin... becomes feeling, feeling becomes wanting. Do your job.The air of desire exists in Clara’s voice as much as her eyes. To the untrained, her voice means nothing, but the highness of her voice is deliberate. Seductive, delicate, urging you to come closer. The way her breath shifts when she talks about something she likes, the way she holds on to her. I guess I did need that lesson that fucking was not always fun, but I sure hoped that this sort of thing was a rarity.Roughly an hour after Mary Pilot left, the phone rang again. "Hank, those 'I Love Lucy' shows were wonderful. Rack up every one we have on file and feed them to me, one right after the other. I'll cut off the TV when I need a rest, so fix the link so that the feed will stop when the TV is not on, but will return when I turn the TV back on." Yes, Ma'am, Your Majesty. The feed. Freddy would make sure that didn't happen.Would tonight be the night? Would Nina come to his bed and want to sleep there with him? If it was Freddy was going to make sure neither of them left that bed as a virgin. It was only that very morning that Nina had slapped Freddy silly for daring to caress her hips. Tonight, if she showed, the teen was going to rape her, humiliate her and possibly impregnate her. He was going to destroy her virginity and with it, his own virginity would be gone. Of. You tell me your story, and I’ll give your request a strong consideration.”“Well, okay,” she began. “About the time I realized – and it was very early mind you – that I liked girls and not boys, I also figured that I needed to keep it secret if I ever wanted to be selected as a Damsel and have my own baby. I wanted a Hero’s baby, not one from some Cassandrian wimp. That would be adding insult to the process – you know?”She paused and looked at him, “Keeping my handicap hidden wasn’t as complex.

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