My Great Sex Movie

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I was feeling Lisa’s tits and telling her how beautiful and amazing they were and how much I got turned on by them, when she whispered in my ear,“... bet you wish you were doing this to Cheryl right now, don’t you? You’d like to see her big tits, wouldn’t you?”“Oh yeah, baby, I would love to see her big tits, and then squeeze them and suck on them.” I squeezed Lisa harder and envisioned what Cheryl would look like on her back with those huge breasts in my hands. I sucked Lisa’s tits hard,. I breathe in the heady aromas I find there and wallow in the juices as they occasionally drip onto me, arousing me, inflaming my lust.My other being senses my lust and materialises beside me, between the cunt lips of a pretty young thing wearing a little yellow g-string, like me, Jana can see into the minds of our chosen ones, and tonight we've chosen this one.Together we float upwards into her panties and bathe in the moisture emanating from her hot little cunt, Jana reaches into my mind and. In my dream I began to cry as I moved towards with my arms stretched out. I saw her lips move silently saying ‘I love you.’ I walked faster towards her, ‘I love you Marina. I will never leave you.’ Just as I reached her, just as we were about to embrace after this eternity she disappeared with a loud clap. My eyes fluttered open as I heard another explosion. The A.I. was attacking again. I wiped away tears from my eyes as I rushed outside to deal with the threat. I was feeling angry. No one was nude or topless but there was a lot of touchy feely things going on. Debbie's house has four bedrooms upstairs. People were going up and down the stairs all night. If there was sex occurring, you couldn't hear it down stairs because the party was so loud. I mingled during the night, talking to people, getting drunker as night went on. There were a lot of good looking young men there, and I was getting drunk. Some of them had already focused on the lady of their choice. As I mingled.

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