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Jade's room was much like mine, except the bed was narrower, it might have been fun to try the three of us in it, but not comfortable. The motel was s...unding like a better idea. Jade had a copy of the "Graduate Residential Handbook," it had the rules including the one about no visitors (of the opposite sex) after one A.M. and a blurb that all students, "will adhere to biblical teaching regarding moral and ethical practices." I guessed they didn't know about the porn, or the lesbian sex. That. The bedroom was connected to sitting room and had two third wall but had a door.Vishal gave me lungi, arranged a mattress for me and small mattress for Deepa next to me, Deepa slept, Vishal wished me good night and gone to bed, in the morning he had to leave early for his art class. Nina was moving around with a sensuous smile on her face, filling up water pots and bottles, she was wearing the same thin white housecoat but this time she had less black bra and black panty visible through the. The Limo pulled up in front of the Grand Hotel on the beach and the girls all got out and headed into the ballroom. Samantha said her hello’s and made her way around the room searching for Mica. She finally found him standing near a pillar by himself. So she slowly made her way over to him. She stopped in front of him and put her hand out for him to shake. She curtsied as he took her hand. “I’m Sinderella with an s,” she said.“Well hello Sinderella, I’m Merlin the sorcerer. It’s very nice to. I pointed out how she had better hair than me, that her tits were a better shape, that her cunt was tighter and she swallowed deeper than me. He deserved to be looking at her than me. He definitely enjoyed that as he grabbed me hard by my hair and started thrusting his cock down my throat. Saying “she is better than you in every way, “You are just a fat fucking pain slut and cum dump.”I was getting so wet. He let me come up for air then forced my head back down on is cock, he did this a few.

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