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Raju bola aaj in dono ka milkar gangbang karte he taki fir ye madamji kabhi kisi ko kuch na bole. Me rone lagi or boli ki meri beti ke saamne aismat b...lo mere bare me.Tab raju bola ki apki beti pehle ek saath mujhse or inspector se chudti he. Ye sun kar mere hosh udd gaye.Fir us inspector ne meri beti ko pakda or uske kapde utarne laga. Wo bechari chup chaap apne kapde utarwati rahi. Usse nanga karke unme se do ladke mujhpe tut pade or unhone mujhe bhi nude kar diya.Ab hum dono ma beti un. Grace shook her head. "No, it sounds like this is serious. I'll send him over to Sarah's. Maybe he can go wear Ashley out for awhile instead of me." Not likely," I said under my breath knowing Ashley would be in no mood for her brother.Grace led me into the house and then after a few minutes I watched as Grace ushered Patrick out of the house. He gave me a dirty look as he walked out the door. I knew I must have interrupted something fairly intimate to get that kind of look.When Patrick was. ..OHH MYYY GODDD, You're gonna make me cum! SHIT! OHH SHIITTT! Fuck your little slut, I'mm...Oooh Gawwdd, I'm cummmmmingggg!"And that's when I lost it. I think it was the hardest orgasm I ever had in a cyber-sex! Good thing I blocked the ropes of cum with my hand because who knows where they would have gone. Neither one of us typed anything for at least two minutes, and then she said, "Oh God! That was so fucking good!"And that was just the start of it! When Chrissy and I got together in chat,. She looked up at me and smiled. I told her whether your friend told you to come her for water. She smiled and said yes. Ok, then turn so that I may unhook your bra. With protest she turned and I unhooked her bra and turned her up and lifted her bra and blouse ends and revealed her boobs. Her nipples were already erect and was waiting for me to massage them. I just leaned forward and took the nipple in my mouth and sucked them. I lifted her skirt etc and pulled down her wet panty. This girl was.

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