Suhagaraat Part 3

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"I am really proud of how you handled yourself at the meeting, Charlotte. I knew I had picked the right girl for this position!" Then he sat down in a...handy chair. "Speaking of positions..." he turned her so that her back was to him. Then he pulled her hands behind her back and with his necktie, tied them there. "there is a little matter that we still need to take care of. Remember the other night when I put that vibrating egg inside you and we went to the restaurant? I said that you could cum. " She grinned at me.Later in the evening I danced with Emily. I noted that she wasn't quite her usual self. She put it down to the children being a strain, but somehow I wasn't convinced. She gave me a kiss on the cheek and I noticed that Graham was giving us a strange look.It was some years later that I discovered that Emily talks in her sleep sometimes. Looking back now I have to wonder what he'd overheard. The guy was never - shall I say, relaxed - around me. I'm not sure but there was. "The hair on Simon's neck stood on end. His own past was mixed up in the lives of those refugees, a past that he had tried unsuccessfully to bury. After he had deserted from his unit outside of the ruins of Washington D.C., he had survived only because a government agent named Juliet had given him a new identity. This favor had come back to haunt him when the government had demanded that he pay them back."I'm not sure that I can help you," he said finally."I have some information that you can. He slowly slid his cock in till he stopped. He wasn’t able to get balls deep. He looked disappointed but began pushing harder till he wasn’t pushing but slamming his crack into her trying to get his full length in her. The other 4 were telling him to go for it, fuck the bitch. He pulled out and no sooner had he stepped away the next guy was entering her. They took turns loosening her pussy till finally one of them grunted and slammed hard into her pussy As he came. He slowly pulled out looking.

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