Desi Village Aunty Show Her Boobs

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Each time thinking of her is that my dick got hard as a rod of steel. Much of time, when masturbating, I fantasized about her naked nice body with the...legendary breasts, the smooth belly and the red tiny pussy, for support. That was only my imagination, not real. I used to wish she would be mine one day. Who was she? the answer was that she was my high shool literature mistress. Of course, as I said she was charming intelligent girl, specially she was very enthusiastic with her. She swung around when she said that and almost smacked me in the crotch with the hot skillet."Jesus!" I exclaimed and backed up. That was the aftermath of the first time Mom and I changed our lifestyle. The whole change took almost a year...What had happened was too goofy to explain in any way that sounded believable. It was almost seven AM and Mom's shower wouldn't spray hot water. It had been giving her a little trouble and she meant to have it fixed fix it, but ... My mother's basic. She lay on the bonnet of their car and spread her legs for me to lap greedily at her hot wet pussy as my hands found her rock hard nipples. As I was getting into it I felt the mens hands on me. Before I knew it my slutty skirt was lifted up and as I had no panties on could instantly feel the cool air on my ass. It felt so good. My strapless top was then pushed down to reveal my sizeable tits and as they hung down the womans husband got underneath them and sucked and mauled at them for all he. She looked me in the eye and said would i hold her."Its so long since i was held by a man .I just need to be held".I was more than happy to do this and we lay together for a few minutes.By now i was beginning to get turned on and i was a bit worried about how she would react.She eventually let go of me and said,"Sorry.I shouldn't have done that'.I said not to worry and she seemed to relax more.My cock was beginning to bulge in my trousers and she noticed this as she leaned over me again.She ran.

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