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Molly began to crawl toward the Doberman on her hands and knees, licking her lips, gazing at his pulsing cockhead in happy expectation. It was, she pr...mised herself, the last dog prick that she would ever suck, but she intended to enjoy it.It didn't occur to the horny girl that, by crawling across the floor away from the boxer, on her hands and knees, she had assumed the pose of a bitch in heat.The boxer's cock had softened somewhat after she had emptied his balls for him, but it hadn't gone. He groaned. I wrapped my legs around him, humping him with my pussy. I came for him like that, anticipating his seed in my pussy, moaning around my fingers. When he came in me, it felt so good I thought I would die. I worked the rest of the day with his cum dripping into my panties. I wasn't ashamed until afterwards, when I opened the door to my home and saw my husband. I hadn't cleaned myself yet, and for a moment I was positive he would know what I'd done. I remember I almost ran to the. "It was the first time he had used a vulgarity in front of me and when he said 'pussy' I felt my cheeks getting warm. He was so close that I could feel his breath on my face and when his fingers grazed my cheek then ran down to my neck then to the edge of the towel I shivered. More than that I felt a tingling sensation in my loins and knew that this wasn't going to end with us going out to dinner. Hell we probably weren't even going to get out of the room. He cupped my breast and gently. Mick had suggested that they move into the main bedroom where the bed was larger but Brett said he would rather they didn’t in case Jim and I - and Nathan, if he turned up - might need the space more than them. So the boys made the best use of what they had. After a while, both Brett and Mick were building up some heat between them so Brett thought it might be good if they showered together to cool off a little. Mick agreed, so they moved to the bathroom. They set the water temperature just.

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