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I sit her up and grab a bottle of water and a Band-Aid I found in the glove box."Sit still baby." I say as I gently drip water into the wound, making wince. I then rub the dirt out carefully, then seal it with a Band-Aid. "There you go. All better now." I see her smile as I know she's thinking 'A Band-Aid wont help with everything.' but she keeps quiet and just smiles. My heart sews itself back together as I see her smile."So, daddy got you something." I say with a smile."What is it?!" she. The elegant black guy nice dressed in a dark suit; broad shoulders and a very smooth black skin.He nodded at me and smiled when we passed close to the table where he was playing blackjack…My lovely husband chose that night to drink too much. He was also playing blackjack sitting at another table. He was drinking more than he was gambling…When he lost his last cent; he was slurring his words and getting a bit loud. I just made him get up and led him outside for fresh air.Victor was stumbling so. "Those aren't friends," William muttered.There were lots of guys that had noticed the color difference in thepotions and had saved themselves the heart ship of being changed. Someof them had put the potions up for sale. Each was worth up to a couplemillion dollars as they were tailor made- blonde, red head, short,tall, big or little breasts, ethnic appearance, and so forth. Justlooking at the potion told you nothing, so buying it without the designpapers was a crap shoot.William checked their. The next trip down the hill resulted in me holding both of her breasts in my hands and as I held her, she leaned back against me and looked up at me. In a soft voice she told me she liked me holding her.Finally I decided we had enough sledding and I asked her if she would like to go someplace a bit more private. She hung her head, but I saw it bob up and down in a positive way. I decided the best place to go would be the cabana.Pushing the gate open was difficult as the snow was piled up.

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