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Once we got to the spot where the boulders were, we pitched in and loaded the back of the truck with boulders as square as possible, and as heavy as w... could lift. We also saw there were many flattish stones that looked like slate, which I intended to collect once the wall was built.On return, we had to unload all the stones; we just threw them into the centre so they would be easier to reach when we started to build.The next bit was the hardest, as there was no way I could get the truck down. .. sorry" was all I was able to mumble before taking a deep breath. I felt the sweat beginning to form on my brow. "NO, YOU'RE GOING TO BE SORRY NOW THAT I HAVE TO COME DOWN AND DEAL WITH YOU!" With that, she stomped her way down as my eyes frantically moved from the ground to her nearing presence and back. The stomping seemed to slightly lessen her anger because when she was close she no longer shouted her words. "When the fuck are you going to learn it is not OK to shout and scream like a. . Bec: Maybe in our next session we can talk about the way your left eye twitches when someone makes fun of you. Good bye.Session ended when Bec walked out of the room.Comment: I enjoyed that. Anyone who can do that to me with a straight face doesn’t need to be locked up in a place like this. Now I just have to persuade her of that. Something tells me that won’t be so easy. She is clearly still nervous about leaving this secure environment. She knew I wanted to talk about her going home and she. Maybe it is compared to moving between star systems or galaxies, not to even mention the dimensions.”“In a way ... this is all very beautiful,” she said, gesturing, “but sensing the awesome amount of energy there must be in this place, well, it gives me goose bumps.”“There is no danger to you. All my equipment has redundant shielding,” Ship supplied.Eileen had jerked as Ship suddenly spoke. Embarrassed, the pilot tried to smile. “Uh, thank you, Ship. It’s ... beautiful in here, but I’m.

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