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He screamed in his head as his hands brought a lighter up, and lit the end of the cigarette. Trying to pull back had no effect, and he found himself u...willing sucking in. He felt the smoke come into his mouth, and go down his throat. He felt it in his lungs. A second later, he blew the smoke back out. Jason felt shocked. He couldn't believe he'd just done that. He couldn't even help himself, and wanted to scream out in frustration. Again, he found himself taking another draw from the. " Fred didn't appreciate being called a white boy."Our buddy Lou died sixth months ago and we were looking for a fifth player. "Stakes ain't too bad. We each put in about fifty dollars and usually play winner take all unless the game runs late. Games are Friday nights, starts about eight."Sounds fun." See ya in six days then. We switch houses usually. This week will be in my basement. New guy buys the beer."********************Fred showed up at Walker's house promptly at eight the following. I can only advise you to take it slow and just be yourself. If it's meant to be, then it will all work out for the best. I will say that, as the owner of this fine home we all live in, if you treat him any different than you do me, you both can move."She looked at me in shock before what I said finally dawned on her. She was laughing to beat the band as she poured me another cup of coffee saying she would start supper for my guest in about an hour. It was my turn to look shocked because I had. ” Riley panted, catching her breath from her frantic drinking. “Well… It only seems fair to return the FAVOR!” Luna said, suddenly flipping Riley onto her back. Luna easily overpowered Riley, who yelped playfully as she was tossed onto her back. Luna wasted no time undressing Riley and spreading her legs. Luna Wrapped her strong arms around Riley’s thighs, her face only inches from her hairless pussy. Riley watched and trembled as Luna took in the glorious smell of her scent. Her vagina was.

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