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‘Well what do they want?’ she asked trying to pump me for whatever information I knew. ‘I don’t know I haven’t checked the new message yet... I told her flopping back on the couch. ‘Well what are you waiting on! Go look so that I can know.’ I didn’t reply as I pulled the phone away from my ear to look at the screen. ‘You’ve forgotten me already I’m heartbroken Lol.’ My eyes went wide as it clicked who it was and my fingers flew across the touch screen to receive confirmation. ‘Tyler?’ I. The waiting was a torture, though. There were only so many letters home one could write, only so many times one could check equipment or study the trench maps. He went through the Orders Group notes he had taken at battalion HQ that morning. He checked his watch; the bombardment was due to commence in a few minutes' time.A voice was counting down to the start of the bombardment."Fifteen seconds..." For what they are about to receive..." ... I 'opes the fuckers is truly grateful!"The air seemed. "How so?" Well .. actually never mind I shouldn't say" she explained.Being a bit curious I egg her on to explain."Well the other night after our argument, I wanted to just come in the and fuck your brains out. I release the tension." she bluntly tells me. "Now I have been drinking today, I'm extremely horny and I am worried what may happen." What happens, happens doesn't mean we won't stop being friends. Well want to watch a movie?" Sure!" she responds."Alright I probably should shower first. Let me alone, go away," she pleaded.Randy just sneered up at her where he was kneeling between her legs, his face slimy with her sex juices. Slowly he moved up her body, even as it writhed under him, licking and kissing as he went. Once his body covered hers he captured her protesting lips with his and flexed his hips. The blunt head of his cock pushed aside her lower lips and slowly and deliciously entered into her well lubed body.Still protesting, still crying, Susan found herself covered by.

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