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I was the drunk college girl they all wanted to be with on a Saturday night and I was happy to wear my little leopard-print thong bikini bottom for th...m, anytime. Each one got to shoot a big load of his hot cum inside my ass while I sucked my new boyfriend's cock good for him. The blow job I gave Jock before was just a tease to make him want my ass. Now, I gave him a nice sloppy, slow, wet blow job for an hour to let him know that he was my favorite boy to blow in the frat. And his friends were. Finally you start to stretch, accompanied by a feline growl. You open your eyes and whisper. "Good morning. Feeling any better than last night?" I'm still tired, but I feel much better. I owe that all to you." Why? What did I do?" The minx was out early.I rearrange myself and support my head with my right hand."Well, if I take the time to recount everything, we'll have no time to make love before work. Let's just say that both your mouth and your pussy were exceptional!"You put your hand behind. Horror hit her in the pit of her belly, and almost as a reassurance from a force beyond her reckoning, a bright yellow light flooded the entire place. She wasn’t in a corridor anymore. She was in a large cave of some sort that was filled with animal hides, skulls, bones and artefacts. This cave was empty, but she could hear frantic breathing and groans from ahead of her from a ten foot high hole that was carved into the rock that formed the cave’s walls.There was no mistaking those sounds. The. She was a Quick learner and started doin it herself up and down in slow long strokes. With my middle finger inside her i took my now free index finger and started running it up and down her asshole softly.In a very short time i became bored with the hand job and need more much more. i slowly moved the covers over and sat up next to her. still fingering her i wounderd what it would be like to eat pussy i always heard my uncles talkin about and i want to be able to talk about it too. SO motioned.

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