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One day I went to her house and whilst my brother was in the shower I jokingly said I want a hug. She smiled and came and hugged me, and out of nowher... she suddenly kissed me on the lips, and my cock started to get hard. She felt it rub against her leg and started to kiss me harder. After that we didn’t do anything and just kept flirting via messages or when we would all go out. Then one day we both plucked up the courage and decided to meet up at my place for hard and dirty sex as she wanted. Following that, I worked down the rest of her body licking, kissing, and sucking on her soft warm skin. Finding her legs open wide and that she was leaking heavily, I didn’t start on her slit instead opting to start on her left leg and thigh at the knee and working my way up to her sex again with licking, kissing and sucking as I moved toward her treasure chest. Arriving near there, I again avoided it instead starting on the other leg and thigh the same way, finally arriving back at her still. "I'd like you to take me to your bedroom," I said, squashing the cigarette out. With that, he lead me through his house and to the master bedroom. I told him to sit on the bed as I looked around the room. I glanced over the clothes in the wardrobes and drawers, noticing his wife's clothes were very plain. White cotton panties, functional bras, long dresses and jeans. As I looked I came across a lone bag in the bottom of the wardrobe. I recognised the label as a very high end lingerie brand.. 'Right over there,' drawled the fake-blonde girl behind the counter, pointing her long red nails at the shelf next to me. Adam looked over and we locked eyes, our faces turning red.'Hey,' Adam mumbled, and I raised my hand in a little wave of recognition before going to the costuming area, picking out a bright red corset and thong I tried on once. It had fit, but I had no reason to buy it. Now I did. I moved to the toys section, picking out a small vibe I would have Adam use on me later..

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