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.but how will I get home, I don't have keys?"He looked around thinking he may have misplaced them, when Marcusstopped him, "You don't have to worry ab...ut that, your husband will behome." My husband?" Joseph Tarks of course." Marcus smiled."But, that's my father..." I guess you've been away for a while, remember you're married to thatman? He's not your father." He's not my father. I'm married?" How could you consider yourself a prime example of a mother if you havea child without a husband?"The. Then the Doc asked how she waers Saree. This is the moment we were waiting for. I asked her to undress herself and show him how you wear it. Intially Shaluu was shy but then he removed her Saree and she was standing in fron of us in blouse and petticoat. Then Doc asked how she ties petticoat. That time she emoved that too to show him for very beging how to wear it.NOw she was standing in blouse and panty. Then Shalu reoved her blouse too and showed it to doc of how much thin cloth it is made. When I realized I did not know how they felt to handle, I made an appointment with a women's spa to have a massage and wax.Inside the massage room, I had the two employees relax and tell me the differences between implant tits and natural breasts. I explained why, and they immediately said they could provide me with chances to feel each of them and decide for myself. If I could be at the spa at 9;30pm, they would give me a chance to see and learn about both the implant tits and natural. I turned to Jeff. He had that same stupefied look on his face. Good. It wasn’t just me. I turned back to Sunny, shaking my head slowly and said, ‘Nobody said anything. I didn’t know.’ I probably could have answered the question if I had been thinking, but thought would come later. Nobody seemed to know what to say until Jeff said with little conviction, ‘It could happen.’ ‘In a Disney movie,’ I said. ‘Are we missing something here?’ asked Sunny. I tried to think of the best way to explain the.

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