Punjabi Pool Party With A Topless Foreigner Girl

"Did you like what dad did to you? I mean before I came in and ruined it all."Tina tucked her head down and Michael could see the blush rising all the...way up to her ears. "I really did Michael. He made me feel so good; I never imagined anything like it."Michael lifted Tina's chin by a finger and leaned down, giving her a kiss on the lips. It wasn't a passionate kiss, no tongue, no nibbling on the lips; just a comforting kiss. Tina started pulling away, but Michael rested his hand against the. They helped me into the dressbecause I have never worn a dress before. Mom's low heels fit well. Shewas surprised. I liked these and asked what other shoes she had. Mom said, "You will see later, and by the way, your Aunty wears the samesize." Aunty looked at Mom, rolling her eyes, again. Mom said, "The nylons look good on you. Good thing we have the sameskin tones." I looked at Mom and said, "Thank you Mom." Then I peered over at Aunty and asked how many shoes she had, andsmiled.. She stood up and walked to the centre of the room. Standing there in normal pose "Now"She then Raised her leg and placed her high heeled foot on the coffee table and pulled her skirt up. My cock went rock hard when I saw she was wearing a black thong.Then she surprised me even more. Reaching up she undid the buttons on her shirt and her lovely tits spilled out. She hadn't put a bra on. I was stunned."NOW" she said.“Wow the thong looks great.”“It was the mens idea , and I agreed to wear one, but. "Okay," Jason said as he allowed her to sink so she could stand in the waist deep pool. "You seem to have the form down now. Let's see how you do on your own." He took her hand to lead her to the edge of the pool."Wanna race?" she asked with a laugh."I've got to watch you to make sure you've got it down," he said with an indulgent smile as he pulled her to the edge by her hand.She leaned against him and looked up in his eyes to whisper, "You just wanna stare at my ass." His face cooled so fast.

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