Hardcore Bathroom Sex Of Aunty With Lover

She cut off his pants and pushed them down his legs exposing him. She reached down and grabbed his cock lifting it a little. With her knife, she cut o...f the end of it. He howled. I even shuddered thinking of his pain and that this damage, unlike the other two, couldn't be cured. Not that it mattered since he was going to die anyway.She released him. She then found a spear haft and began to whittle on it, whistling softly. It made her even more scary and formidable seeming.The men quickly tired. Then she asked me if the professor I shared the office with would come soon."No, Christian has just left. He has to teach a class now," I replied."That's awesome! So, I guess we have some minutes to have fun before he or anyone comes," said Natalia in a naughty tone of voice."What do you mean?"My question did not obtain any answer. Instead, she dropped on her knees, zipped down my pants, and took my cock out. She immediately put it into her mouth while I placed my hand on her black hair. As she. She pushed her right breast into my mouth and placed my hand on her left boob. Her hands pushed my head against her boob. Her eyes were closed, and she had the expression of someone in deep pleasure and satisfaction.She was moaning softly and wanted me to suck her breasts and I obliged by teasing her hard nipples with my tongue and gently pressing her boob squeezing and pinching her nipple with my hand. She was soaking wet by now and was approaching an orgasm. She guided my hands in between her. Now she stood up and I was fucking in her standing position with both my hands on her naked boobs.“You know, I was turned on very much when you were behind me on the bus. So you can imagine how I handled all this. But I think I wanted this to happen so it happened. But don’t think I am a whore. I’m still in love with Raj.”“Ohh! So it was like a one-time fling?” I said fucking her faster.” Yeah, that’s why I fucked you. I can’t cheat him to be with you. It is the best sex I am having but I love.

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