I see a face…a veiled face…but I know the eyes…I have seen them before, I have seen their sparkle before. I continue to peer up, unable to take ...ine from hers. Everything else stops for me, melting away, sound fading , till there is only silence , you and I. Your eyes then grow wide…wide…..wide with alarm? Wide with panic? Why? Why panic? Dear Heavens Above! I Am In The Coliseum!! The sounds flooding back…the cheers, the screams, but loudest are the sound of heavy footsteps charging at me from. In the center of it all, a redheaded woman on her knees was sucking Steven's cock.Kyle quickly shut the door, but the damage was already done. Andrea spun and walked away, her eyes filling with tears. She barely registered Kyle muttering, "Fuck - dude," as he turned to follow her."Hey, hang on," Kyle called out as he hurried to catch up. "Sorry," he said as he reached her. "Do you need a ride home?"The next bus wouldn't come around for some time, and the last thing Andrea wanted to do was sit. Basically, though, I plan to let this year’s supply of students depart thinking I’ll always be an old bachelor, and next year’s supply come to class to see a man who looks like he’s been married forever. Not that many students check you out to see whether you’re wearing a ring. Especially men teachers.”“A long engagement?” she asked.“You’re in charge of schedule -- within reason. It should be obvious, though, that if you want a decent honeymoon you’ll have to wait ‘til the end of school. Of. This is a mass meeting. Then a huge shadow passes over us. And another. First Thorrass and then Lassto land near us and approach.In front of us is an amazing sight. Eewa is a tree. A shimmering, shining tree. The best description would be a weeping willow, the long branches and limbs covering perhaps thirty feet into the air and a rough diameter of the same. The light coming off the limbs is subdued but obvious. The a****ls are getting anxious. There must be a hundred of them from all over the.

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