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The gala was packed, way more people than was expected. This was a new artist, hardly known, but the gallery decided to put a color print of one of hi... pictures in the article about the opening and it seems people were impressed. The buzz was that he was very into realism but added a hint of off hues to contradict that reality. It was a new approach and I was eager to see it! I made my way through the murmuring throngs of admirers and found the most popular piece. It was a sunset with two. I awoke again with the alarm radio at six-forty-five, I felt exhausted. I got up and showered trying to come to terms with my burgeoning sexuality. I'd never been so preoccupied with carnal thoughts and desires before, not even when my hormones were all over the place as a teenager. When I went to my wardrobe, I remembered what Ian had said yesterday. He'd instructed me to wear a skirt and sexy underwear. New anger flared inside me, to be dictated to like that made my blood boil. He was. But, I digress, back to the present. I take her free hand, and secure it to the headboard, she is finally bound tightly, and unable to stop me from doing whatever I please. I pull the vibrator out of her pussy, to a very disappointed moan by my princess. I smile to myself, knowing that soon that moan will be one of pleasure, and she will be begging for my cock to pound her into the bed. I will happily oblige her and have her cumming all over my cock until I fill her pussy with my cum, or. She looked around to see that they were in a bizarre slaughterhouse. Workers in chain gauntlets and leather aprons were already busy. She watched an older man with a gleaming cleaver skilfully dismember the headless body of an athletic woman, removing the hands and feet and disjointing the limbs. His apprentice carried each cut from the chopping block to its proper belt-conveyor then lifted the torso and hung it from a great hook chained to the overhead rail. He gave it a hefty shove and it.

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