Pure Seduction From India

As we kissed over the girl he'd just brought to orgasm I could smell and taste her pussy on his lips and tongue. The smell of pussy reminded me of Ell...se. I'd hoped all day that Ellise would return. I hadn't understood one word she'd said before leaving the beach. I'd hoped she was telling me she'd return today. But she'd never shown up. The kiss we'd had in the sea yesterday was my first, real girl/girl kiss that promised so many other firsts I'd wanted to share with her. But, Ellise was. She never minds. She moved her hand down to my hot and wet cunt, rubbing the pussy lips."Mmm, Megan. I need you to fuck me! I want it now!! She didn't need to be told again. She went over to the closet and got out my favourite toy. The strap on. Megan put on the sleek black creation and walked back over to mewith lust filled hazel eyes. Kneeling between my legs she says, "Tell me what you want." I pulled her closer and kissed her, "I want you. Now." With a half smile she entered me to the hilt. Diya moans at the friction before he plunges a finger inside her core.Her back arches at the sensation but she need more. As if reading Diya’s thoughts, Sid adds another finger. He pumps them in and out of her, curling them as he does. Diya js left making soft noises of pleasure into his mouth.He removes his fingers and pulls away from her mouth. He moves his body downwards.He kisses her knee then up her thigh, dangerously close to her throbbing area. His tongue travels across her folds before. My wife does not smoke and she does not like to be around smokers. Shewill even give me hell for smoking a cigar with my buddies when we aretogether. She began smelling the smoke from my masturbation sessions,when she would get home. Even though I tried to hide it by using fansto draw it out an open window and then would even use an air freshener.So I began leaving the house and wearing my lipstick and nail polish inthe car while driving around on country roads where I wouldn't run intosomeone.

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