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"I know," Nikki said. "But not now."I shrugged and settled back in my chair to watch the rest of the movie.But I couldn't concentrate. Nikki's refusal...to let me finger her cunt gnawed at me. It wasn't so much that I was angry at her, just confused. What girl didn't want her pussy sucked? Especially an oversexed chick like Nikki.From the beginning, our relationship had been purely sexual. It couldn't have been anything else, not the way we started.We met in a dance club. I sneaked up behind her. It's a fantasy wecan make real." Who's fantasy Janet? I never wanted to make up - to pass. Is thisone of your fantasies? If it is, you didn't mention it during ourdiscussion today. Have you thought of making me up in the past? Andwhy? Have I ever given you the merest hint of my hobby?" Heavens no! Today is the first time I've been aware of yourinterest in dressing. After the first shock I've begun to learn alittle and perhaps even understand your feelings. I also see somepotential for sexual. .. I'LL SHOW YOU WHAT A FILTHY ANIMAL IS LIKE!" He pulled her up and then wrenched her around so fast that her head spun and she had no time to protest. Savagely, he pushed her face downward upon the large sofa so that the ripe white cheeks of her quivering buttocks were nakedly exposed to him; and, as he pulled her upward by supporting her hips with his hands, he opened up to his sight the tufted underview of her moistly cringing pussy.Helplessly she sobbed as the muscular black man pushed his. He could feel the slippery walls with his fingers. Koen raised his hips higher. ‘Put another pillow under you,’ ordered Bob. As Bob sawed in and out, he lowered his head and kissed each tender mound. His tongue came out and licked the hillocks. Bob moved his tongue closer to the boys hole and forced it in alongside his fingers. Koen was in ecstasy. ‘Put your dick inside me. Fuck me hard.’ ‘OK here it goes.’ Bob removed his fingers. Koen’s hole didn’t closeall the way as a result of the.

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